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Muskets began to be widely used from the 17th century onwards, being one of the main weapons in both military battles and hunting activities. As firearms technology advanced, muskets evolved to offer greater precision and effectiveness. 

 The lighter wooden musket has a butt that shows signs of wear and ageing, indicating its use over the years and is therefore deactivated. 

The darker wood musket, on the other hand, has a butt that is in a better state of repair. It has some damage to the butt, but is still in working order, thus adding an element of authenticity and preservation, and is a functional example of 19th century engineering. 

Muskets are valuable pieces from a historical point of view, showing the evolution of firearms design and technology. With their distinctive features and marks of use, these muskets tell stories of hunting, defence and technological innovation, preserving a legacy that continues to fascinate to this day.  

Investment of 180,00 (Dark Wood)

Investment of 160,00 (Light Wood)

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