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Classics&Vintage is excited to share our latest addition to the collection! This vintage-style table lamp is truly a unique and elegant piece. It's not just a light source, but also a piece of decoration that completely transforms the room, bringing a cosy and classic feel. 

Featuring a classic design and a polished bronze finish, this lamp adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room it is placed in. Its base is solid and well-built, ensuring stability and durability, while the curved arm with a graceful arch is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.  

The elongated cylindrical lampshade distributes light softly and evenly, ideal for reading at night or creating a cosy atmosphere. The joints and finishes are meticulously crafted, reflecting the quality and attention to detail typical of authentic vintage pieces. 

This lamp is the perfect combination of style and functionality, not only illuminating your workspace, but also adding a touch of timeless elegance, thus complementing all the spaces that this lamp forms part of. 


  • Height 35 cm
  • Length 32 cm
  • Depth 20 cm

Investment 145,00

Note: We can send by courier (upon prior payment)


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