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We present to you an exclusive Vista Alegre piece: the unique chair from the Classics & Vintage collection. This chair, covered in synthetic leather in a sophisticated greenish colour, shows a natural wear that tells its story of quality and elegance. The arms and base, made from crafted wood, have been meticulously created by Vista Alegre to achieve perfection, guaranteeing durability for generations. 

Every detail has been thought out to provide comfort and style. The synthetic leather not only offers a pleasant and resistant texture, but also reflects a vintage charm, ideal for environments seeking a touch of history and class. The carved wood of the arms and base gives the chair an unrivalled robustness and beauty, the fruit of Vista Alegre's craftsmanship. 

As well as being a seat, this piece is a true objet d'art that enriches any space. Imagine it in your office, library or living room, where it will not only be functional, but also a focal point that draws attention with its imposing presence and timeless design. 

The swivel base provides practicality and versatility, allowing you to move around with ease and elegance. The upholstered arms and capitonê buttons add a touch of luxury and comfort, making this chair perfect for long hours of use, whether at work or when reading and relaxing. 

Get this extraordinary piece and transform your environment with the sophistication and history that only Vista Alegre can offer. 


  • Height 92.5 cm 
  • Length 53.5 cm 
  • Depth 48 cm 

Investment 550,00 

Note: We can send by courier (with prior payment) 


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