ZENIT EM Moscow Olympics Edition with a HELIOS 44-M 58mm f2 lens

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ZENIT EM Moscow Olympics Edition with a HELIOS 44-M 58mm f2 lens

This special edition of Zenit E was created to promote the 1980 Olympic Games held in Moscow, one of the last major world events held in and by the former USSR. This camera has a solid construction that supports almost all recording conditions and the passage of time. Comes with a 58 mm Helios 44-2 interchangeable lens, with apertures from f / 2 to f / 16 and is compatible with many different lenses, which makes the shooting experience wider! The reflex viewfinder with frosted glass focus viewfinder is a great help in composing your photos. The camera's built-in selenium light meter calculates light and allows you to set the aperture and shutter speed to obtain the perfect exposure. Simply activate the self-timer by pressing the small button on the front of the machine above the self-timer setting lever.
For the age that this camera is in remarkably good condition showing little signs of wear. The lens appears to be free of gravel and scratches. The original Zenit carrying case shows a little more wear - just cosmetics. You don't have the lid with you. The machine has not been tested with film, but it shows to work well. The serial number is 79167372.
It is the ideal camera for someone who likes to shoot with vintage cameras. You can use and enjoy this stylish retro camera from the former USSR.

Investment: 120.00

Note: the machine can be delivered after full mechanical overhaul by a qualified technician with investment under consultation. We can ship by carrier (upon prior payment).


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