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In the 1950s, an emblematic café, the Trianon, was born in Aveiro. It was an important establishment in the city and region of Aveiro. It was one of the main meeting places for various intellectuals and entrepreneurs, such as Dr Mário Sacramento, where important political, social, economic and cultural meetings took place. It was a different and distinctive space where you could only enter in a suit and tie.

Few memories have survived from this space. One of them was the letter ‘O’ on the sign of the Trianon café. With a chrome-plated brass and pewter structure that had been well preserved, it was electrified and, with an elegant and well-kept appearance, transformed into a lamp.

We present to you the exclusive Classics&Vintage lamp in excellent condition and which will offer you greater comfort. It will enrich your space with history and illuminate all your gatherings.


68cm high
22cm long
10cm thick
Investment 450,00

Note: We can send by courier (upon prior payment)


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Classics & Vintage

When you were born and grew up in a world where function has always been combined with aesthetics, where quality has always been valued at the expense of the immediate, it was natural to continue living among classics, antiques and vintage items.


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