Gandareza Side Table

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This 1950s/60s side table has an oval solid wood top with smooth finishes that emphasise the rich natural tones and veins of the wood, giving it an air of sophistication. 

The table's structure is made up of four straight, sturdy, precisely carved legs, firmly supporting the top. Between the legs, there are horizontal crosspieces that not only provide stability, but also add a touch of handcrafted detail to the piece. An outstanding decorative element is a circular piece positioned at the bottom of the table, connecting the crossbars and acting as an additional support, which highlights the attention to detail typical of Gandharan furniture. 

In addition, the table features a carved ornament on the front rail, adding an interesting visual element reminiscent of traditional handiwork. The wood of the table retains its original colour and the natural patina of time, indicating that the piece has never been restored and preserves its authentic characteristics. 


  • Length 69 cm
  • Height 75 cm
  • Depth 48.5 cm

Investment 145,00 

Note: We can send by courier (with prior payment)


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