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Nowadays Porsche is one of the best-known brands in the world, but it was in the 80s and 90s that this luxury brand, after a partnership with Mobil, created an accessory to complement the purchase of a car, a storage bag. 

All the panelling on the accessory is in perfect condition, not forgetting that this magnificent bag offers eye-catching details, such as the Mobil lettering engraved on the bag itself.

This product is easy to store due to its Velcro straps, which are able to attach to the interior of every car in a compact way. Inside, a small bottle of oil and a cardboard funnel, ready to ensure that your journey is never interrupted by mishaps. 

This bag can be accompanied by a pressure gauge from the same brand, an essential tool for monitoring tyre pressure, and can be sold separately.


27.5 cm - Height
14 cm - Width 
7 cm - Depth

160€ investment (Porsche purse)

180€ investment (Porsche pressure gauge)

Note: We can send by courier (with prior payment)



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