The riches of the land

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The riches of the land

The riches of the earth, by the Russian writer Juri Semjonow, is a work that dates from 1942. It is a book of scientific dissemination and economic geography about the natural riches of the planet Earth with a vision that reveals the perspective of the world at that time. Throughout its 516 pages it tells us about Bread, Fish, Drinks, Tobacco, Cotton, Wool, Silk, Linen, Coal, Oil, The Steel Age, Copper, Metals . Illustrated work with dozens of figures in the text. The entire red-skinned editorial binding with gold engraving hides interesting and accessible writing

The book is well esteemed. It has the normal signs of use of a book with 72 years, which does not affect the work or the text, and without spots of humidity.
It is in Portuguese for the translation of Campos Lima and Edition of Estúdios Cor in Lisbon of 1948.

Investment: 69.00

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