Our Story

History and stories have always been built with a past, present and future in a single timeline.

At the crossroads between past and present, between function and aesthetics, you'll find Classics&Vintage. It's a space where history is woven into each piece, where objects take on a life of their own by telling their own stories.

Born out of a passion for the past, Classics&Vintage is a sanctuary for lovers of timeless quality. Here at Classics&Vintage, each item is carefully selected for its history and enduring beauty, for its unrivalled quality. 

Our Products

At Classics&Vintage each piece is a window into the past and an inspiration for the future, a testament to timeless elegance and vintage charm for a richer tomorrow. 

Our collection encompasses a variety of treasures from the past, from advertising posters that evoke bygone eras to classic cars that tell stories of epic journeys. Explore our collection of personal items and much more, where each piece is a masterpiece with its own intriguing story.

At Classics&Vintage we celebrate the enduring beauty of the past and invite you to lose yourself in the timeless magic that only Classics&Vintage can offer, for those seeking the authenticity and quality of times gone by.


In this new Showroom concept "behind closed doors" all kinds of classic, vintage and antique items are the gateway to a history of sharing. We work and serve by appointment. We want to be dedicated to you.

Classics & Vintage

When you were born and grew up in a world where function has always been combined with aesthetics, where quality has always been valued at the expense of the immediate, it was natural to continue living among classics, antiques and vintage items.


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Aveiro - Portugal

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